Angel Olaran

Abba Melaku (the name under which he is known in Ethiopia,( Melaku means “Angel” and Abba “Father”) is a Basque missionary of the Padres Blancos born in Hernani (17/5/38) who has dedicated  a great part of his life to humanitarian tasks in Africa.

After 20 years in Tanzania, he settled down, on the 1st November 1991, in Wukro, in the region of the Tigray, Ethiopia. Angel encountered a desolate population, destroyed by War, Aids and famine.

At a personal level, he started by helping people without resources with the help of friends and family. He actually helps orphans, old people and people suffering from AIDS. He develops educational activities through the St. Mary’s school, and also develops environmental and socioeconomic activities.

As per today, the development attained by the community of Wukro has been largely possible thanks to the intervention of Angel Olaran, an intervention which we wish to support.

The EUF collaborates with him since 2009 in health, food provision and environmental projects among others.