- There are no elephants in Ethiopia! Lesson 1 for our designer of the year 2009.

- Ona (name in the Basque language that now exists in Ethiopia)

- At the moment in which Eritrea separated  from Ethiopia as a nation, the water issue was not even discussed, people simply wanted it and it was done… (Angel Olaran regarding the popular poll in Catalonia)


- Did you know that the colors at dawn are always the same, always beautiful….? (A volunteer in Wukro)

- Colors define a people, flags are a symbol of this…, ours fit the colors of our flag, and how about you?... . A reflection from a student in Wukro, 14 years of age.

- Knowledge does not always appear in books, for some of us it is in the streets… (Orphan child in St. Mary’s)

- Tigriña – Ethiopian language coming from the Tigray area… ah? Tigray… Tiger…, in this area there were tigers, how cool, they can talk to tigers. (A child from San Sebastian, 4 years old)