In this section we wish you to see, to read parts of events and facts, fragments of them, lived by volunteers of the Foundation…

“what impressed me most was the transparency of the smile, a sincere smile, a smile showing off teeth, even when there is a lack of them…, the smile, that’s something I learned to copy from them, something I had already lost…., today I do smile too, and boast about teeth”

A volunteer who travelled to Wukro in 2008

Did you know that to have in excess makes you pedantic? Makes you intolerant? Makes you incapable of seeing the other?. The problem of going as a volunteer is that you realize that with the same you have you can help to many more, in helping yourself…, or at least that’s what happened to me…, now I wish for more to be able to do more…, and not because I believe I am a Robin Hood, but simply because I am now more of a person.

Volunteer who travelled to Wukro in 2012

 I once travelled to Africa, because I am a photographer in search of pretty photos... and you know what?, I was incapable of shooting one photo, and I now travel there every year to be able to make up a project which has made me to fall in love with life again.

 A travelling photographer 2013, Tigray

Did you know I had never seen the sea?. I cannot explain the sensation I feel whenever I enter the water, I only know that its taste is salty and that my heart beats with happiness.

An Ethiopian visiting San Sebastian in 2012

I cannot imagine why in here the girls cut their hair, that they do not think of making tresses with it, they are beautiful but they do not know it or do not believe it to be so. We like to show off beauty, and we like to decorate ourselves.

An Ethiopian visiting San Sebastian in 2013

Having this landscape, having these colors, I do not know why they do not imitate them, they only use blacks, and greys… . We Ethiopian like to contrast, colors are important…

An Ethiopian visiting San Sebastian in 2014