we like to listen to you

This is a section in which we wish to encourage you to propose things to us, that you tell us what you think could be done here, there, in both places…, with your suggestions you shall always put a change in motion…, and that is what we are looking for, to change…

If you tell us about your ideas we shall go from speaking to listening mode…, otherwise we shall always be listening to ourselves, and this we do not believe is the most enriching thing for our Foundation.

The Foundation is looking for ideas, for projects, is in search of wanting to do things… . The Foundation tries to be the mirror image of “utopic” people who know that the human body has one mouth and two ears.

One mouth emits as many sounds as the person wishes, words in whatever manner you wish to pronounce, but the best thing of all is that at the Foundation we know that the proportion, one mouth and two ears, bears a meaning…, we like listening to you!